What Are The Most Significant Damages Caused By Hackers And How To Prevent Hacking?

Online security breaches are the biggest security concerns that cyber experts have been trying to resolve since long. Thus, the importance of cybersecurity is inarguably vital in determining the future of a company. Besides, cybercrime and hacking can affect individuals too. Considering how deep its roots are and how severely it can impact any business, you must be very careful while using the web. The most gruesome ways in which hackers trouble companies and individuals are given below.

  1. Hackers can block access to software and demand a ransom to decrypt. It causes huge monetary loss
  2. Hackers can steal security information of clients and customers and use it to steal money
  3. If hackers can find a way in your webcam, you’re in great danger of being watched constantly. The feed can be leaked online and also be used for blackmailing in order to extort money
  4. Hackers pose a serious integrity threat to companies by spoiling their reputation for not being able to secure the privacy of clients and customers

Is It Possible To Prevent A Security Breach Before It Can Happen?

Absolutely! There are a few ways in which you can block hackers from gaining illegal entry within your surveillance cameras and dvr. Though these ways require some effort, the results are quite worthy. Read through to find out more!

  1. The dvr password should be very strong so that hackers cannot break the backdoor to infect your security system
  2. If you make use of additional anti-hacking tools like firewall and antivirus, your system is least susceptible to falling in the pit of computer epidemics like malware and viruses
  3. You should give your employees valuable cybersecurity lessons so that they do not accidentally expose the system to hackers by falling victim to phishing emails and spying websites
  4. The software that you install should be licensed and better coming from reputed companies with minded coders. It is necessary since only well looked after software gives out updates to ensure that the system remains free of bugs
  5. Updating the firmware and running bounty programs are 2 other invaluable means to debug the software and keep it clean
  6. You should take timely aid of network testing tools to scan your router, cloud storage, files, tools, and software. It is required to keep virus and malware threat at bay
  7. The dvr is the most exploited gateway that hackers use to tarnish your fortunes. So, other than choosing a strong backdoor password, you should also keep your wifi password protected at all times. This helps in eliminating the unnecessary risk of router hacking