Key Top features of Advanced Automation Testing Tools

Automation testing tools are what organizations need today to really make the software testing process more efficient and productive also to raise the test coverage. There are numerous test situation scenarios which are possible simply with automation testing and for that reason, it’s recommended the organization invests inside an advanced automation testing tool like Qara Test, Tricentis Tosca and Cucumber. However, choosing the right test automation tool now is easier mentioned than actually doing it, with the amount of possibilities for purchase. Even though every test automation tool available possesses its own share of enhancements, there’s a few fundamental features which are required to every tool, featuring are response to effective test automation.

1] Testing Across Multiple Browsers & Platforms

With plenty of browsers and platforms to consider, it may be required for an ideal test automation tool to assist mix browser and blend platform testing. So, when looking for any tool, select one that supports testing on preferred browsers like Home home windows, IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, in addition to their versions for web application testing and platforms like Android, iOS, Home home windows and Blackberry for mobile application testing. Today you’ve users using diverse devices and seamless testing across multiple browsers and platforms is essential to make certain all your users have the same awesome experience of the application.

2] Seamless Integration with Popular Tools

Users today want the advantage of multiple functionalities on a single platform. Integration could be the answer and advanced test automation tools today offer seamless integrations wonderful popular tools, getting the benefits of multiple tools to at least one software. The most used integration is always that with JIRA – the bug and issue tracking software at home of Atlassian. Qara Enterprise as well as other modern advanced automation testing tools offer JIRA Integration to let you do functions on JIRA without having to leave test automation platform. There is also integrations with SauceLabs, BrowserStack, BrowseEmAll, among others.

3] Automated Reports for Test Situation Analysis

Executing test cases alone is not enough. To enhance the efficiency in the testing process, you’ll need to be able to assess the performance in the tests and get data. Automated test situation execution reports help simply do might advanced automation testing tools today offer numerous reports to help QA teams evaluate parameters. A few kinds of reports are Test Summary Reports, Traceability Report, Test Metrics Report plus much more. When you are trying to find any test automation tool, ensure it offers comprehensive reports that may help you boost the performance from the testing process and obtain your testing goals.

4] Synchronised Execution of Test Cases

With the increase in the scope from the testing project, it may be increasingly more hard to handle all the tests on a single system. For the reason that transporting out all tests individually might take up lots of time, creating a delay inside the launch in the product. Modern test automation tools supply the grid execution feature to accomplish test cases concurrently, thus saving the QA team lots of time.

5] Parametrization of Test Cases

Parametrization is an additional feature designed to save the QA team’s time to execute test cases. It’s useful when you wish to accomplish test cases with repeated steps. It time saving for your QA team since they’re forget about required to devote time to execute the identical test steps again and again. Also, automation makes sure that there’s minimal errors inside the test situation execution. Applying this feature, testers can execute tests multiple occasions without any duplication of efforts.