Follow These Steps to Use a Brother P Touch Label Maker

There are over 70 models available of the Brother’s P Touch Labeling system that ranges from the handheld models to the desktop models. The handheld models are so compact in size that they can simply fit in the palm of your hand. The desktops are larger in size and must be installed on a desk that makes the operations as well as the handling easier. There are many different models available but most of them bear the same basic operating characteristics. This makes sure that your label creation with the label maker tape at is done with ease.

  1. Install the batteries into your Brother P Touch Label Maker. The battery size and the amount will be different from the model of P Touch you are using. You can also see the battery compartment on the label maker’s bottom. If you are having an AC adapter for your label maker, then make the use of it by plugging the AC adapter to use the electricity rather than the battery power.
  2. Then insert a new tape cassette into the compartment of cassette tape on the P Touch Label Maker’s bottom. Pull the lever down in order to secure the tape cassette in place. Then close the tape cassette compartment. Then, press the ‘Code’ button and the ‘Feed’ button simultaneously to advance the label tape.
  3. Turn on the label maker.
  4. Press and hold the Code and Style button simultaneously to set the font style. In order to do that, press and hold the Code and Size button simultaneously. Keep pressing the style and size button until you see the style and size for the font you are wanting to use.
  5. Start typing your message by pressing the letter buttons on the label maker. When inserting the space between the words, press the Space button. When typing a capital letter, press the Code and Caps button.
  6. View your message by pressing the < or > buttons on your label maker. The window will display only six characters at a single time. But by pressing the arrow keys you can scroll your message to the left and right to read the complete message. If you find any error, use the < or > key to scroll to the error and press the Delete button.
  7. Press the Print button when you want to print your label out. The printing will begin automatically.
  8. Erase the message when you are done pressing the Code and Clear button simultaneously.