Explore Jakarta by Doing These Things!


Jakarta has a lot to offer in terms of heritage and culture. Its architecture and cuisine are influenced by a mix of cultures; such as Javanese, Arab, Chinese, Malay, European, and Indian. Therefore, if you are a first-timer going to Indonesia, then Jakarta is worth a visit. Here are some recommended things to do to explore Jakarta.

Visit the Planetarium

The Planetarium and Observatory at Jakarta are a place which isn’t too famous to visitors and tourists. If one of my friends hadn’t recommended it, I’d have never known about it.

If you are into outer space and also might love to see something cool, I suggest this. The videos are mostly in black, but it’s still enjoyable to see. It’s also a great activity to do as a family.

Eat Durian

For those who don’t know, the durian fruit is picked as the world’s stinkiest fruit whose aroma has been criticized across the globe. But to tell the truth, I truly loved the flavor of it. If you ever wish to try durian, ignore the smell. My friend spent a very long time trying to tell me it tasted great, but the smell always pushed me away. It is worth a try; trust me.

Visit the ViharaBahtera Bhakti

It was constructed back from the 17th century and consisted of many beautiful buildings which sit on a surface of about 4,000 square meters. The temple contains many rooms that are committed to different Chinese spirits as well as other gods. It has a lot of history and is a peaceful place for religious people. Even when you’re not into spiritual stuff, it’s worth seeing. It’s a bit hard to find because it is located in the middle of a residential place, so be sure that you ask around for directions.

Eat Soto Ayam

I am crazy about Asian food, and Indonesian food is definitely on my list of favorites. Soto Ayam is a soup made from chicken, lots of fresh garlic and herbs. It is the undercover version of chicken noodle soup and boy is it yummy! If you’re into soups, you must undoubtedly taste this one!

Go to the Traditional Street Markets

There are over 100 traditional street markets in Jakarta that accommodate more than 2 million people every single moment. You will find pretty much anything in these markets and shopping roads; from food things to fake products, to clothing, you name it. Some of these markets focus on selling particular items, but others have more of a general source of merchandise. If you are like me and you are not much of a mall person, I recommend paying a visit to the conventional markets in Jakarta.

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