5 Must Know Features And Facts About 4k Gaming Monitors

To begin with, 4k gaming monitors are becoming popular because they offer a smooth and 3d like gaming experience like never before. Which is why they are the best gaming monitors in the current market. But before you can learn anything about the most prominent features that make 4k gaming monitors what they are, you need to have an idea about how to buy these monitors to avoid duplicity.

A Guide On How To Buy 4k Gaming Monitors

4k gaming monitors are a long term and one-time investment, cheaper by no means. And since you’re investing so much into buying one, why not buy it the right way? So, simply follow the tips given below.

  1. Focus on licensed companies like Primecables when buying such expensive gadgets
  2. Buy only those monitors that have a warranty period. Importing monitors for saving a few bucks by compromising on warranty isn’t a wise decision
  3. Keep an eye on testimonials to get an idea about how and if your target company values its customers

5 Features About 4k Gaming Monitors That Ever Gaming Junkie Should Be Aware Of

A 4k gaming monitor is worth the hype because of the following stunning features that are absolutely worth a read.

  1. These gaming monitors are of different sizes. And their aspect ratio and HD resolution increases with their size – the upper range for aspect ratio being 16:9 and for HD resolution being 3480 X 2160P
  2. Pixel density is the next feature to focus on. Always remember, best 4k gaming monitors are the ones that have no less than 8.3 million pixels. In fact, it is only for these many pixels that the clarity of 4k gaming monitors is so phenomenal
  3. When looking for the best, remember to consider the tilt ratio too. The 4k gaming monitors with a tilt angle of 178°/178° offer the best viewing angle even if your profile is too small or too large   
  4. 4k gaming monitors making the use of AMD FreeSync technology are considered the best because their response rate is no less than 2 ms. Besides, their refresh rate is as high as 60Hz
  5. Keeping the contrast ratio in mind is also necessary while buying 4k monitors. Remember, the ones with a contrast ratio of 1000:1 offer utmost clarity for a heavenly gaming experience

On a closing note, these monitors are also compatible with gadgets running on older technology with a DisplayPort or HDMI port. Which is why they are economical despite being expensive.