5 Greatest Things to Do in Yogyakarta 2019

Take a look at some of the best things to do to in Yogyakarta that will give you an unforgettable experience during your stay.

  1. Borobudur Temple: Watch the Sunrise

Among the first things to do if in Yogyakarta is to wake up early, and drive to the central part of java to witness the most beautiful sunrise in Borobudur Temple. Nothing beats watching the sunrise from the famed temple that also appears to be the biggest Buddhist temple in the world built dating back to the 9th century. As the sun makes its way around the pale sky in the eastern horizon, you will see the light hit on the intricate carvings on the temple, creating a mysterious effect that isn’t to be overlooked.

  1. Prambanan Temple: Catch the Sunset

With more than a one-hour drive from Yogyakarta, you will be able to see Indonesia’s most beautiful Hindu temple, Prambanan Temple. Also called RaraJonggrang Temple, it had been detected by the Dutch from the 10th century. Dedicated to Lord Shiva Mahadeva, Prambanan Temple is characterized by its height, and pointed architecture wherein the central building measures 47-meters high within a sizable complex of individual temples. The walls of every temple have been sculptured with intricate and exciting details after researching which, one can unwind and watch the sun go down in Prambanan Temple which is among the best things to do in Yogyakarta.

  1. Ramayana Ballet Show: Enjoy the Fascinating Show

The show is performed in an outdoor theater stage within easy reach of the temple. With the lighted Prambanan Temple under the night sky as a backdrop, it’s a picture-perfect sight that you will be in amazement. To finish the ballet experience, a traditional outfit of Javanese music called the Orchestra of Gamelan accompanies the performance. The actors are clad in bright and bold costumes to add flair and drama into the ballet, making it a fabulous visual treat.

  1. Sultan Palace and Water Castle: Glimpse of Royalty

The state of Yogyakarta is ruled by the Sultan. It is a magnificent structure that displays an authentic type of old Javanese architecture and civilization. The walls and flooring are intricately designed, the ceilings painted bright gold a classic example of luxurious Javanese architectural design. Another remarkable thing to do in Yogyakarta is visiting the Water Castle, which is also known as Taman Sari and is situated only a couple of steps away from the Palace. Explore the big underground mosque, mysterious ruins, and underground passages too.

  1. Malioboro: Shop Til You Drop

If you want to go shopping in Yogyakarta, the ideal place is Malioboro. Found in the center of the town, this is where you can get almost everything at a bargain. Proceed at a leisurely pace to truly immerse yourself in the exciting atmosphere. It might find a little crowded, but if you’re looking to shop on a budget, then there is not any place better than Malioboro. You will surely love the countless small shops, a few of which market the most curious things!

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