3 Ways Mobile PPC Ads Work!

The internet is quickly changing the way we do business. In 2017, consumers around the world spent $2.3 trillion USD online. With the growth of mobile computing and wireless technology, these numbers are expected to continue to grow exponentially.

Companies need to tap into the mobile market to maintain relevance and realize their maximum growth in this new world of commerce. Mobile ads are one of the techniques marketers use to get noticed and draw in new buyers. Here are some of the ways Mobile PPC ads can help you maximize your profit potential.

Reach More Members of Your Target Demographic

According to data experts Statista, roughly 237.6 million Americans used smartphones in 2018. These tiny pocket computers give consumers a high level of flexible shopping options that make it easier for them to find product solutions for their specific problems. When a problem presents itself, consumers can simply pull out their phones and use a search engine to find the answer. When the right solution is located, smartphones make it easy for buyers to complete their purchases right away.

Even if your product is the best option for a consumer, they won’t know unless you tell them. Mobile advertising takes advantage of the convenience of technology. When a potential buyer uses a search engine to call up products similar to yours, your paid search program puts your company’s name at the top of their results. This significantly increases their chances of buying from you over their competition.

Your customers are on their phones. Meet them there in mobile advertising!

Encourage Buying Behaviors

Understanding how mobile users find product solutions on their devices is an essential part of savvy ad placement. What are your future customers doing with their cell phones?

  • Looking for information. The most common searches involve finding physical addresses, phone numbers, or general data.
  • Completing purchases. The convenience of simple and secure online payments and home delivery increases the likelihood of an impulsive purchase.
  • Preplanning. Consumers who want to buy but need more time to make their decision will start their initial research on mobile devices. When they’ve made their choice, they may move over to a PC to complete the purchase.
  • Using multiple screens. Modern mobile users are often attached to more than one device at a time. For example, they may be playing a game on their phone while watching a movie on television.

Mobile ads, in conjunction with other types of marketing, increase brand recognition and keeps your product in front of your potential buyer. When the buying impulse strikes, a well-placed ad can quickly convert a browser into a buyer.

The Right Exposure at the Right Time

Mobile PPC advertising is also a great way to reach your customers at the right time. Generally, mobile device users are active before and after traditional work hours. During these times, consumers spend their time researching product solutions and considering their options. After the business of the day ends, those consumers go home to complete their purchases.

Mobile advertising gives you the power to schedule your ads at the right times for your target demographic. This increases the chances of getting seen, which leads to more clicks.

Mobile PPC advertising is a flexible and effective way to get your message out to the right people at the right time.